Travelling Guide In Guangzhou


I always treat my customers as good friends as I know the importance of customer service value.As return,they always look for me when they come to China and recommend me to others as well.I was guiding my regular customer today in clothing market. By chance a businessman came to ask my customer for help(they are from same country) as he was doing business for worker uniform,gloves etc but could not find where he can get them to start his order.So my customer recommended me to him and said I am very good travelling guide in Guangzhou as I am familiar with the area and knows everything about business.Plus I am a very reliable person to work with.So he got quite excited to know me which could tell from his eyes and smiles.He asked me many times to take him to the wholesale markets which he can find those items but because the time we met is already late afternoon around 4pm and I will have a date to catch around 5pm,so honestly speaking I was very confused that time because my parents always complain that I need to focus on my personal life and find a nice guy to get married.I will lose chance again if I only focus on my work.But I am always helpful person,so it is hard for me to leave without caring person who is in need of my help. In the end I still decide to guide and help him because he even begged me which I can tell he is so desperate in need of help.

I guided him to the wholesale markets and we checked some shops to compare.In the end he found one shop which has everything that he need in good price.So he finalized his order with my help in communication because the shop do not speak good English and he was so happy. All the time what I heard is he was telling everyone that I am an angle and so great person.And he kept saying”Thank you Shirley,you are really helpful”.It was so nice to hear such comments and I felt good inside,the most important for me is I help people who are in need

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