The Value of Customer Service 4


How to make the business grow?In my sense,the most important is we need to understand the value of business and the value of customer service.

I had been engaged in providing service of interpreting/translating,sourcing,following up the order,quality checking,shipping arrangement etc which is one stop service for oversea customers,and I always get good comments and highly recommended by my clients.I realize the most important reason is because I am realiable person to work with and the most satisfied service I provide with.

However,in China currently most people still do not realize the importance of service.As a sourcing person,I often need to visit markets and source products from there. And I found most shops I went are very cold and cool. When you enter inside,there is nobody welcome or talk to you.The owner or sales person are busy with their own stuff,seem nobody care about you or business.This kind of feeling happen in most shops and it is not easy to find shops which show good service to customers and show the attitude they care about business. It is quite disappointing sometimes.But as professional sourcing person,we have to be smart in selecting the right supplier,not only just comparing prices,quality but also service.So in order to make business grow,we need to improve the value for service

Based on mutual trust,we build up long term cooperation with Mr Francois.We are shaking hand as good start!

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