As reliable representative in China,we always work very hard in order to support our oversea customers

as we understand the importance of business and service value.

As return,we are also getting many high comments and feedback from them.

Here you will see what they say about our services!

Dear Shirley

Thank you for your support in Guangzhou.

I am  return back at my home with out any difficulties.It was very nice time with you.
I have got some new idea when we visited in clothing market of China.That is to make our new brand name with special selection of fabric and style also.
Beacause other business man are not doing as same.They just bring the same things which is in Chinese market.

Thanks a lot for your warm company and kind co-operation..

Karki kumar


Hey Miss Shirley,

Thanks for your help during my stay in China and you are making my trip so pleasant and successful. I would invite you to come over South Africa someday and take you to see the wild animals on safari.We will pay for the airticket and hope to see you again.
You are the best interpreter I have seen.

Talk to you soon,




Hello Shirley,

I am back at calgary, I think you look good in the pictures but if not satisfy

I will look for more cuz I think I have a couple more,

I am getting back to my life here and of course miss asia so much after all the excitment

Hope you are doing ok

Take care





“It was my good fortune to engage Shirley Mei late 2013.  As an interpreter, business associate and guide Shirley combines many top grade skills.  He work ethic is outstanding, researching her clients’ needs thoroughly, well in advance.  Her fluency in English is high, with good command of current idioms.  Ms. Mei is very easy to communicate with.

A stylish individual, Shirley willingly offers perspectives that oft times prove invaluable.  This business associate has excellent experience, readily offered, having worked in Europe as well as locally for worldwide businesses.

Ms. Mei’s skill as a guide is exceptional.  Highlights of a Sunday afternoon included watching a rehearsal in the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall of a dance and music extravaganza featuring Guangdong pop stars, dance troupes and children’s groups, plus admiring a master candy maker craft phoenixes and dragons at the Old Docks Market.  Shirley provides a taste of Guangzhou that tour companies can only hope to emulate.

Anyone looking for a multi-talented interpreter, business associate and guide in the Guangzhou area would be hard pressed to find someone as able as Shirley Mei.  If your interests lie in just one aspect, whether business or touring, Ms. Mei would be an excellent choice.

Thank You, Shirley.

Andy, Canada”


High comments received from my customerShirley,


I want you to know that you are a blessing to me. This trip is a very huge step towards my success and our future success together .  You must know I believe in you!

Just know that your talents and business skills will carry you very far.  I want you to

remember these last few days because they are the beginning of the BEST and REST of our lives.  It’s hard leaving you because I have grown to depend and rely on you.  I would have never believed that such a young and beautiful girl, could be as tenateous and courage in business.  You are Ms. China.

Thank you for believing in me, for being my friend.

I have sincerly grown fun of you, believe me when I say,



Jack R. McAdams


“I will use Shirley from SMF Groups in the future and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for language translation services.”


Rick Ramdom


reviews from Nick

“You are a best Chinese girl I have met in my life.I never seen any one on Canada too. I feel like coming to China next time only to see you.Thanks for all your help!”


Ravi, Canada




Hey Shirley,


Thank you very much for your message and the nice picture. Of course, it will be a nice memory!


Yes, I came back safely, thanks to your support and help, thanks a lot.


It was indeed nice meeting you in Guangzhou and I hope I can see you in Beijing when you come


I am also sending a picture, hope you like it.


Best regards,

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