Looking For Reliable Evening Dress Supplier Who Can Accept Small Quantity And Customize Order?


Many customers come to China to look for reliable evening dress supplier who can accept small quantity and customize order.So I used to help them source this item and I found it is not easy because they all have quantity requirement like MOQ 30pcs

We have found one good company located in Guangzhou railway station but their price is not cheap.Besides they donot take small quantity order unless you reach 30pcs per style.

But many of my customers they  only have small quantity order or even customize order.So we had spent lots of time on sourcing in order to find the right supplier.

Later on by recommedation from one friend,we found one supplier that can accept small quantity and customize order with very good price and nice quality.Their factory in Chaozhou but they have office in Guangzhou.So my customer was very happy and start to order from them. Fortunately the quality comes out nicely as we expected.Most of times we sent them design photos and they have to make same as our photos.I think it is not easy work but they make it! Quite amazing for me. Attached I will put some designs they made for us.

As far as I remember,their factory had made a site this year http://www.desire-dress.com

If anyone still struggle to get good supplier for evening dress who can make small quantity order,hope it helps.

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