Metro-Most Convenient Transportation In Guangzhou


People who come to Guangzhou will wonder what is the most convinient transportation tool here. As an experienced tour guide in Guangzhou,I would say “metro!” is most convenient transportation in Guangzhou

Well we also have taxi here but due to its complex transportation,sometimes very hard to catch a taxi such as airport,railway station and wholesale markets but with metro,you wont meet this kind of trouble.

Normally inside the metro is clean with aircon inside.And the train runs every 1 to 5 minutes which depends on the line. The metro covers almost all area of Guangzhou.Believe it or not,you could find metro nearby your hotel or apartment.

However pls remember to avoid catching metro when it is peak hour as you would have incrediable experiences in Guangzhou metro which you might not experience them before.During peak hour such as 8 to 9am,metro would be so crowed with people and people push anywhere in order to catch earlier train.Inside metro you can even not breath or find difficult to get space to hold yourself due to too many people. There was a joke I heard during catching metro in peak hour.A parents took his child to catch metro.When they successfully got inside,the mum told her son:”You need eat more in order to have strength to catch metro in crowed people”. Well it is simple joke but it meant something to us.

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