Guangzhou City Famous For Its Wholesale Markets


I would like to share with friends about Guangzhou wholesale markets today so more oversea clients would have a general idea and know more about Guangzhou city.If you need market sourcing,please contact us!

As far as my experiences could tell,China have a few biggest cities which include Shanghai,Beijing,Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Shanghai is famous for financial center while big projects or business are made here. Beijing is famous for political center which bring together for all political people working in government. Shenzhen is quite industrial city compared to others as they are famous for electronic factories. While it comes to Guangzhou,I would say it is the best place for trading and good option for business to come sourcing as here have many different wholesale markets for all products, and also factories nearby could be good sourcing.


Here we have many wholesale markets located in different area even same products. This had a good advantage which helps more overseas clients get to know China better and you will realize Guangzhou is big,China is really big!

Normally the most famous wholesale markets are Baima Clothing market, Zan Xi Watches Market,Zan Xi Shoes market,Nan tian Hotel equipment markets etc. There are many business man coming here for sourcing the right products here every day.


Regarding to the working time,normally the markets start from 9 or10am and finish till 5 or 6pm.


Shirley main, professional and easygoing tour guide in town.I can provide below services based on your needs:

English-Chinese interpreter;
Business Assistant;
Sourcing agent

Quality checking

Shipping service
Should you have any questions about my lovely but amazing city, feel free to let me know.

Welcome to guangzhou and have a happy stay!

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