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Guangzhou has hundreds of different wholesale markets for various products. It serves as a distribution center for traders. For buyers who are looking for smaller quantities, the wholesale markets are the best choice for them to visit.If need any help for interpreter or market business assistant,pls contact us!

Guangzhou is famous for its garments, fabric, shoes, leather, jewelry and electronics etc industries. Therefore, you will find numerous wholesale markets for all these products. Here we have listed out the biggest wholesale markets in Guangzhou for your information which would be useful for your visit.

In most markets, the shop owner is not good in English so it is advisable to bring an interpreter with you. If you need any help from us or suggestions, please feel free to send us an email by

Clothing wholesale markets

Bai Ma Garment Wholesale Market

Bai Ma clothing wholesale market is close to Guangzhou railway station at Zhan Nan Lu. This is the clothing wholesale centre of Guangzhou, so it’s definitely the best place for visiting if you are engaged in clothing/garments business..

In Bai Ma market you will find all kinds of clothing including fashion and casual wear etc. Basically if you need clothes, you can find them here.

There are 8 floors of wholesale shops.Product quality is usually quite good in this market, therefore the price might be a bit higher than other markets. Brands are mostly original Chinese brands but you will find some international brands as well.

Address:Huan Shi Xi Road #194, Guangzhou 环市西路194号

Transportation solutions:
Take line 2 or line 5 to Guangzhou railway station, then go to exit G.

Hui Mei Fashion Clothing Market

Hui Mei fashion wholesale market is the major market for fashionable clothing. They are for wholesaler and retailer. The style of clothing here appeals very well to western customer like European, American and Australian etc

The location is quite convenient which is close to the railway station and all the other major clothing wholesale markets.

Metro: Take line 2 or 5 to Guangzhou Railway station, exit F. Walk alongside about 150 meters, and you’re there. The building is near KFC and Guangdong Long Distance Bus Station.

Liuhua clothing wholesale market

Liuhua clothing wholesale market is located opposite to Guangzhou railway station. It closed by the Bai Ma clothing building and some other garment wholesale markets.The style of clothing here appeals very well to buyer from Middle East,Africa and Arabic countriese etc.

Address:Huan Shi Xi Road #194, Guangzhou
Fu Li Kid World

Fuli Kids world is the main wholesale market for the buyers who deal in children’s clothes, children products. It has an area of over 20 000 square meters.

You will find all children related products you are looking for in this market from many different brands and suppliers.

Address:Zhong shan ba lu 中山八路富力广场

Line 5 to Zhong Shan Ba station. Exit A, And turn left and walk around 200 meters. Then you’ll see the market on the corner across the street.

Jin Xiang underwear wholesale market

Jin Xiang underwear wholesale market is located in Zhan Qian Road, near Guangzhou Railway station. It is China’s largest underwear and socks wholesale market.

Address:Zhan Qian Road 193# Guangzhou 站前路193号金祥大厦

The First Tunnel clothes market

The First Tunnel Clothes Market is an underground wholesale market for clothes. It is located at the Guangzhou Railway station and has over 30 entrances spread over the area.

This market has nice design and reasonable prices. Many of the shops have their own factory.

Take line 5 or line 2 to Guangzhou Railway station. And walk to the opposite road, you will definitely stumble upon one of the 30+ entrances.

Zhan Xi Lu Garment Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Zhan Xi Garment Wholesale Market is near to the Guangzhou Railway Station and the provincial bus station. Most of the shops are direct factory with production and clothing technology

Tips: Zhan Xi Lu is very famous as the Fake Products Heaven in Guangzhou. There are a lot of fake famous brands clothes, bag, watch, shoes, mobile phone.

Address: Zhan Xi Rd1-4# 站西路1-4号

Zhongshanba children’s garment market

Zhongshanba children’s garment market is a large wholesale market mainly for children’s clothing. It covers about 10 000 square meters and has over 300 shops selling children’s and and infants’ clothing, as well as some shoes, hats and other related items.

If you are buying children’s clothes, this is the first market to go to. While you are here, you should also visit Fu Li plaza which is quite close. There you can also find some children’s clothing.

Address:Zhong Shan Ba Road 97#. 中山八路97号荔湖大厦

Metro: Line 5 to Zhongshanba station. Take exit A, cross the street and you will find the entrance on the right side after walking around 200meters

Leather, leather bags, belts, fashion accessories, shoes wholesale markets

Global International shoes Trade Centre

Global International shoes trade centre is also known as Bu Yun Tian Di Shoes World. It is one of Guangzhou main shoes wholesale centers. There are seven floors of modern facilities, high and medium quality shoes and shoes material. Including men’s, ladies’ and children’s’ shoes.

The market consists of two different segments – one is for finished shoes products and the other one is for shoes materials, such as leather, PU, buckles and more. The shoe materials segment is larger than the one for finished shoes. The quality in the market is generally very good and most shops offer real leather products. You can find quality brand replicas in the basement.

Address:Zhan Xi Road 26# 广州市站西路26号步云天地

Guangzhou Euro Commercial Plaza Shoes City

Euro Commercial Plaza Shoes City is an established distribution center for shoes in Guangzhou.There are four floors of wholesale shops with generally quite good quality.

Address: Floor 10 in Hongji Building, No.24 on Zhanxi Road, Guangzhou City (to be confirmed) 广州市站西路24号欧陆鞋城

Line 2 or line 5 to Guangzhou railway station, Exit F.

Guangzhou Jin Ma Shoes City
It is one of the largest wholesale market concentrate in the footwear industry. The business
area cover over 1,800 square meters.

Address:Zhan Xi Road No. 39, Guangzhou广州市站西路39号

New Continent Footwear Plaza

New Continent Footwear Plaza is located in a prime location in this road, covers an area of 3,000 square meters, and is adjacent to Guangzhou Railway Station, Bus Station and thus enjoys solid traffic convenience. Thus, the Square will be an ideal for shoes dealers and distributors.

Address:No.12 Zhan Xi Road, Guangzhou, China.广州市站西路12号新大陆鞋城

Guangzhou Baiyun world leather trading centre

Guangzhou Baiyun world leather trading centre is a wholesale department complex of 20 000 square meters. It is part of Guangzhou’s largest leather product district. You can spend several days in this area, browsing through all the different buildings and side streets. This market is usually quite good and you can find many different grades and designs.

Make sure you visit the surrounding area, especially across the street. You will find many more markets and shops in every street.

Address:No.1356,1358 Jie Fang Bei Road 解放北路1356-1358号白云皮具城

Shiling international leather city

Shiling lies just 20 km north of downtown Guangzhou. It is quickly becoming a centre for leather and attracting more and more international visitors every year. It occupies an area of 230 000 square meters and hosts over 2 000 shops.

In this market you can find finished goods, accessories and raw materials.

This is a cheaper market than the most famous market in Guihuagang. So if you’re buying big quantity or raw materials, we recommend a visit to here.

Address: No.71-74,He He Rd, Shiling, Hua Du,Guangzhou花都区狮岭镇岭南工业区合和路71-74号

A taxi from the city centre to Shiling will cost you about 150RMB. You can also get a shuttle bus from The BaiYun Leather market to Shiling every 20 minutes between 6:30am and 7:00pm. Or you can also take a metro to Renhe station (line 3) and a taxi from there.

Yi Sen Leather market

Yi Sen leather market is located in the center of Zi Yuan Gang leather wholesale area. It is a large and prominent building so you won’t miss it. It has over 300 shops and a leather goods exhibition hall.

You will find shoulder bags, travel cases, handbags, briefcases, belts, wallets and some shoes in this building.

Address: 1389 Jie Fang Bei Road, Guangzhou广州市解放北路1389号

Hotel articles, porcelain, kitchenware wholesale markets

Guangzhou Nantian international hotel market

Guangzhou Nantian international hotel facility trading center is a wholesale market for hotel professionals in Guangzhou and your first choice if you need anything for hotel stuff.

Among the products here are

·         Bedsheets

·         uniforms

·         tableware

·         kitchenware

·         kitchen appliances

·         signs

·         porcelain

·         ladders

·         lights

·         cleaning liquids

·         safes

·         and much more

Address:Guangzhou Road South and the north-west corner of Luo Xi Bridge,Guangzhou

The most convenient way to get here is by bus 88 which starts off (or ends) from here.

By metro, you take line 3 to Lijiao. You will not find a taxi here, so you need to take a motorbike to the market, which will cost around 8 RMB.

Guangzhou Shaxi International Hotel Articles City

Guangzhou Shaxi International Hotel Articles Cityis the largest hotel article wholesale market in China at present. It occupies an areas of 120,000 square meters, now available more than 1000 shops , with the financial, catering, logistics and other service equipment. It mainly deals in ceramic dishware, glassware, kitchen equipment, stainless steel product,uniform,hotel electric appliance etc.

Address: Shaxi Road,Lopu,Panyu,Guangzhou,China

Computer, mobile and electronics

Tianhe area has multiple wholesale markets as well as retail shops for anything computer related.

New Asia mobile phone accessories market

Near Kang wang Nan lu is a street with several wholesale markets selling mobile phone accessories such as Phone cases, screen protectors, laptop bags, and all kinds of related items. There are a few other large markets in the same street, and also near the river.

The other markets are among others:
-Nanfang building
-Guangzhou electronic city
-Nantai market
-Liansheng market
-New culture park electronics and digital market
-Linian electronic and game accessories city

The products you’ll find here are:
-mobile phones
-mobile phone accessories
-bluetooth headset
-USB flasher
-data cable
-card reader and memory card
-repair tools for mobile phone
-silicon case
-leather case
-stylus pen
-mobile phone spare parts like LCD display, flex cable, touch screen, and small parts like microphone, camera, buzzer, charger connector

You can buy replica phones here. A price example for replica iphone 4 is 700 RMB. Since the price is quite cheap,we can not guarantee how the quality will be. So be careful and check the quality first before you buy them.

Pacific Computer Market (太平洋电脑城)

Pacific computer market is one of largest computer market in China.
Lies in the downtown Guangzhou which has convinent transportation and easy to go by bus or metro.

More than thousand of stores supply a rich selection of Notebook, brand
computers, computer spare part,software,Mp3,MP4,PSP,Digital camera, main board, Memory
and any other things connected to computers.

You can take metro to Gangding(岗顶) station

Printer Material Market 天河科技街

At Wushan Lu you will find the printer material market. A small market dedicated to printing supplies, ink, toner and other printing related products.

Metro: Line 3 to South China Normal University. Exit C.

Zhong Liu Computer Market

Zhong Liu Computer Market lies in zhongshan liu lu, close tobeijing road.

products include: computers, computer spare parts, digital products, Mp3, MP4, PSP, Digital camera, main boards, memoryand any other things connected to computers.

Metro: opposite to XiMenKou station.

Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Centre

Both are actually retail markets that pool all levels of electric appliances, including most big brands. However, the prices in this sort of markets are usually fairly flexible. And if you are a real know-how, you can get what you want at an amazingly practical price.

Products: all sorts of electric appliances including TV sets, DVD players and audio products.

Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Centre, No. 9 – 19, Dongfeng Xi Lu, Guangzhou (广州市东风西路9-19号)
Xicheng Electric Appliances Centre, No. 23 – 45, Dongfeng Xi Lu,Guangzhou (广州市东风西23-45号)

Toys and gift items wholesale markets

One Link plaza and other markets close to Haizhu square are the most popular toy and gift wholesale markets for foreigners. You can easily do retail here, although at a higher price. Don’t forget to bargain.

Onelink plaza, toy and gift items

Onelink plaza is a 7 floor shopping mall and is popular among many foreigners for wholesale or retail buying. There are a few wholesale markets with similar products around here and therefore it attracts a lot of tourists and locals as well. You are guaranteed to find this to be a busy and energetic market. And you can usually buy small quantities here as they accept wholesaler and retailer.

Address: OnelinkPlaza,NO.39 Jie Fang South Road.解放南路39号万菱广场

Metro:Take line 2 to Haizhu square. Exit B2

Yide Toys and Gifts Wholesale Centre

Yide Lu International Toys and Gifts market is located at Yide Lu, close to OneLink Plaza. It is mainly focused on toys, small gift items, stationery and accessories. It is a smaller version of OneLink Plaza, and usually a bit cheaper.

Metro:Take metro line 2 to Haizhu Square, take exit B2. On your way you will pass a decoration market, dry seafood market and a catholic church.

Antique, jade and jewellry wholesale markets

Xijiao jewelry market

The Xijao jewelry market is one of the 3 main jewelry markets in Guangzhou.The main products in this market are costume jewelry, including stainless steel, gold plated jewelry, glass beads, hair decoration, shell jewelry, jewelry packaging and much more. The product selection is quite similar to Taikang jewelry market.

If you’re looking for silver, coral, zirconia or semi precious stone then you should rather head for Liwan Plaza

Liwan plaza jewellery market

Liwan Plaza is a major jewelry market in Guangzhou. There are 2 000 stores in this huge plaza, on seven floors. You will find all kinds of jewelry, stone, shells, corals, semi precious stone, silver, jade, zirconium, zircon, crystal, leather straps, plastic straps, fittings and packaging. In the basement is a shipping agent for easy shipping to your country.

If you come here, make sure you also visit the other markets in the neighborhood. Across the street you will find Hualin international jewelry city, and behind that building is the outdoor Yuanshen arts and crafts market (retail) for ceramic and jade wares, which can be quite interesting.

Taikang square jewelry market

Taikang square is a large jewelry market with costume jewelry. 4 floors and ground floor filled with large and small wholesale booths selling costume jewelry, earrings, rings, necklaces, packaging and related items. It is one of the 3 major jewelry wholesale markets in Guangzhou, along with Xijiao jewelry market and Liwan Plaza.

Xiguan Antique City

Xiguan, located in Liwan District, is traditionally an antique market famous in Guangdong Province. Xiguan Antique City,situated between Fengyuan Lu and Longjinxi Lu, is the only antique market approved by cultural relic management departments. At market are collected together about 100 stores on both sides of the 500-meter-long street. Traditional Xiguan culture has made well-known antique collectors who mainly deal with old pottery and porcelain, famous scripts and paintings throughout the ages, the four treasures of traditional study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper) and jade articles are all found here. Not all the antiques available are originals, so it will challenge your appraising abilities.
Moreover, exhibitions, evaluation meetings and auctions are held from time to time.

Adress:Crossroads of Fengyuan Lu and Longjin Xilu,Liwan District逢源路口与龙津西路之间

Yuansheng Crafts Market

The largest collecting and distributing center for crafts is the Yuansheng Crafts Market which is located on Yuansheng Street of Daihe Lu between Kangwang Lu and Wenchangbei Lu.Nearly one thousand stores stand on both sides of the 1000-meter-long street with various crafts available. Moreover, all the stores are architects of traditional Xiguan style. It’s said that the market attracts about ten thousand domestic and overseas customers each day. Not only is it a crafts market dealing with pottery, porcelain and jade, but also it is the largest exchange market.

Beauty and cosmetics products wholesale markets

Both Eva plaza and Mei Bo Cheng are very good wholesale markets for cosmetics and beauty products. You can find all products related with beauty such as human hair,nail,lotions etc

Auto parts and motorcycle parts wholesale markets

GuangzhouBaiyun Motorcycle Parts Market

Baiyun Motorcycle parts market contains around 700 shops.The shops offer all kinds of motorcycle accessories and spare parts.

Address:Luo Chong Wei, Zen Cha Lu, Baiyun Districts.广州市增槎路罗冲围白云摩配市场

The closest metro is line 5, either station Xichang or Xicun. From there you need to take a taxi.

GuangzhouSongnan Motorcycle Parts Market

Guangzhou Songnan Motorcycle Parts Market is China’s premier wholesale market for motorcycle accessories. It is located in the automobile parts distribution center, east Zengcha road in Luochongwei, Guangzhou.

There are over 100 sales offices at the market. Some are trading companies, and some are sales offices directly from the manufacturers.

Address:Zhencha dong lu,luochongwei ,Guangzhou. 增槎路松南摩配市场

motorcycle market in guangzhou

In motorcycle markets Guangzhou

Office supplies, stationery wholesale markets

Office Supplies, located in Southern Baiyun Avenue, covers nearly 5,000 square meters area. All kinds of office accessories, the office furniture, as well as green products can be found here. Varieties reach 10 thousand. The prices are also relatively cheaper

Fabrics wholesale markets

The second largest fabric wholesale market inChinais Zhongda fabric market. Be prepared to spend some time there if you are unfamiliar or don’t speak Chinese. At Highsun Fabrics market you’ll find a smaller market in one building more suitable for retail buyers.

Highsun Fabric Market ( 海印布匹市场 )

Guangzhou Highsun Fabric Market is ideal for small quantity fabric purchases and tailor making. It is easier to find your way around this market than the huge Zhong Da fabric market, but of course you don’t have as many shops to choose from. Highsun market is in a single building with 4 floors and over 100 shops on each floor.

Here you can have your own custom made business suit, evening dress, curtains or bedsheets for a fraction of the cost in western countries. The shops are usually either selling fabrics OR custom making clothes. They usually don’t do both, so they tend to be specialized at what they do and offer good quality service.

You can buy small quantities, one meter of fabric, one brooch or one button – the staff is helpful and friendly no matter how many you buy. Of course you can buy in bulk here as well, and you can expect to pay about 60% of the retail price if you buy in wholesale.

The Highsun fabric market can be classified as a retail market and for tailor made clothes, although you can also do wholesale here. We include this market in our wholesale category since it is one of our favourite places to take small buyers and individuals.

Almost any kinds of fabrics can be found here, for curtains, bedsheets, silk materials, chiffon and cotton as well as clothing decorations. Just across the street is another market, focusing on curtains and bedsheets.

Address:Guangzhou Yan Jiang Dong Lu 429-431

By metro: Take line 1 to Martyr’s park, take exit B3 and get a taxi from there.

Zhongda fabric market in Guangzhou

Zhongda fabric market is one of China’s two largest fabric wholesale markets. In the area you will find many buildings, streets and alleys with fabric vendors of all kinds and sizes.

From the moment you step out the metro, at Exit D, you are faced with fabric sellers and accessories sellers. You walk about 200 meters straight after the exit until you arrive at Ruikang Road. That is the main road for this fabric market area. This road is full of large and small markets. Immediately on the corner you’ll find a large accessories market on several floors. Walk a bit further and you have an old 2 storey high fabric market on your right side. On the opposite side of the street is the main market right now.It is modern, with broad walkways, and hundreds of shops on each floor. In the basement you have accessories, and on the other floors fabrics.

Walk further down the street from this market, and you will see a small street with laces and glitter fabrics, then the old original Zhongda Fabric market building, and soon after that – at the end of the street – you have a brand new fabrics market. That market consists of two buildings on each side of the street interconnected through a bridge.

We are sourcing fabric in Zhongda market

Zhongda Fabric Market

Watches wholesale market

Replica watches, no-name watches and Chinese brand watches, at very reasonable prices. There is a huge selection of watches and fittings at Zhangxi lu near the railway station. We cover the whole area in just one page, although it contains several seperated wholesale markets.TheGuangzhou watch wholesale market is the largest in China and probably the world. It is actually a whole area filled with large and small wholesale centers with thousands of suppliers offering all kinds of watches, watch accessories and watch fittings.

You will find fake brand watches of OK quality here for a reasonable price, and local Chinese brands of all qualities. Among the international brands found here are:

·         Tag Heuer

·         Casio

·         Guess

·         Swatch

·         Tissot

·         Tudor

·         Rolex

·         Cartier

·         Omega

Here is a list of some the watch markets in this area. The list is not complete – you will find many more of different sizes and shapes. Just enjoy your walk, you will find what you are looking for.

·         Mongkok international watch centre

·         Southern Trade Center of Horologe 南方钟表城

·         ZhanXi KowLoon Watch Center 站西九龙钟表城

·         Southern Watch Trade Centre 南方钟表交易中心

·         New KowLoon Watch Center 新九龙钟表城

·         SanYi Watch city 三一钟表城

For watch fittings, batteries and accessories you can go to Dongfeng Watchmakers.

For cheap watches go to Dongfeng watchmakers or Mongkok international watch centre

Glasses wholesale markets

At and near Renmin Zhong Lu you will find a few wholesale markets with glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and optical instruments.

There are a few markets with glasses, sunglasses, lenses and optical instruments inGuangzhou. They are all located at or near Renmin Zhong Lu.

While walking down Renmin Zhong Lu from north to south you will see at least 3 markets on the left side of the street. These are well established, popular markets where you can buy wholesale as well as retail in many shops. Each market has 2-4 floors and both glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. Some have optical instruments as well. After walking down Renmin Zhong Lu, you arrive at crossing with Dade lu. If you turn left there, then you’ll see a new market just 50 meters on your left.

You will find both no-brand, chinese brand, or even copy brand items here.

Address: Guangzhou Renmin Zhong lu 260广州市人民中路260号

Metro line 1 to Ximenkou. Exit B, turn left and walk 150 meters towards Renmin Zhong Lu

Furniture and building material wholesale markets

Lecong International Furniture Exhibition Center(LFC)

LFC is located in China`s furniture capital–ShunDe.It covers area of 120,000sq.m.with total construction area of 183,000sq.m,for the single construction area, the center is the biggest one in the world at present.
LFC was founded in 2000 years. From now on, LFC had held the China (Lecong ) International Furniture Fair six time Successfully, is provide a platform for Lecong furniture market joining the International furniture market. There are more than 400 famous brand furniture. sell different type furniture such as sofa,Bedroom suit furniture, Living room suit furniture, Office furniture and soon.In a word, they have excellent design and best quality, the furniture can satisfy the need of people of different culture ,background, and different hobby.

The Louver Furniture Plaza is beside LFC. there are wholesale market including sofa, office furniture and others furniture style which also are highlight of Lecong international furniture market.

By Bus: Go to Guangzhou Liu Hua Bus Station(流花汽车站)                 7:30am-6:30pm every 20mins has one bus to Lecong

Take metro from Xilang station to Kui Qi Lu Station(foshan) which is about half an hour

Tuan Yi International Furniture City

Address:Tuan Yi Internationa lFurniture City, Guangzhan Road,LeCong, Shunde, Guangdong.
Nanan road building materials market

At Nanan road in Liwan district you will find a large wholesale market for building materials, sanitary ware, wallpaper, ceramics, handles, doors, windows and related items. The market stretches for over one kilometer along the inner ring road and Nanan road.

To get there, you can take metro line 5 to Zhongshanba station. Exit D


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