Guangzhou Xingfa Cosmetics Wholesale Market


We have clients who are looking for cosmetic packaging.So in order to help sourcing,I went to one wholesale market called Guangzhou Xingfa Cosmetics Wholesale Market.It is one of the 3 top cosmetic market in Guangzhou.In here you will find many shops selling cosmetics, cosmetic packaging and hair tools etc.Regarding the packaging,there is one special area called the packaging one stop market(包材总汇市场)which is located in 2nd floor,here you will be able to find so many different packaging.Some of them are trading company,some shops are factory direct selling.So if you are looking for packaging,this is good place to visit and compare.

Nearby you will find another market called Yifa Cosmetic wholesale market which is quite the same. And have thousands of shops selling cosmetics.I do not think you can even cover all shops in one week as there are so many.

By walking further(one metro station distance),you will find our Guangzhou biggest wholesale market called”Meibo Cheng”.All cosmetics shops and packaging etc are much centralized here,on 3rd floor of the building,you will find many packaging shops which can check the variety and prices etc.

Because all shops are located and distributed in different places and wholesale market,if you need to source some items,we have to spend lots of time cover so many shops in order to find good supplier and prices. So I think by now,you should also realize the sourcing work is not easy.

How to be an efficient in sourcing,how to identify good suppliers,how to negociate price etc,it needs to gain lots of experiences to understand them. If you need any help in sourcing items,please feel free to contact us!

Yifa Cosmetic Wholesale market Guangzhou Xingfa Cosmetic wholesale market


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