Guangzhou Private Tour Guide


Guangzhou city,as one of the four biggest city in China.It has very good advantage for its culture,location and history.It is very good place to visit no matter if you are coming for business or travelling as tourist!

As a professional interpreter,I had helped many business people do sucessful business in China with my knowadage assistance for guangzhou markets and factories as business assistant.Meantime,I also worked as guangzhou private tour guide in order to help overseas people know more about Guangzhou culture  and history as I love Guangzhou and I assume they will fall in love with Guangzhou in the end of trip.

Normally I will guide to these places because they are the symbol of its history such as  Baiyun Mountain,Yuexiu Park,Shamian Island,Chen Clan Academy,Zhongshan Memorial Hall.

There are more interesting places to visit such as Six Banyan Temple etc but it depends on your schedule,I could guide you to more places and tailor-made your trip!

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