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Guangzhou Nantian hotel supplies wholesale market was established in 1999 July, by the Guangzhou southern commercial plaza construction development company.It is the largest comprehensive professional wholesale market.It covers an area of about 200000 square meters, existing more than 1600 shops, the main camp, high-grade hotel equipment. Product sales across the country, are exported to Europe and America, Southeast Asia and other places,it has become the world’s strongest, most professional, the largest hotel supplies equipment procurement center.
As a sourcing agent,I often go to this market to source catering equipment items and ship them to overseas countries

If you need any catering equipment items like fryer,griddles,showchase,knife,plates,pizza oven,coffee machine etc,please feel free to contact us as I had lots of sourcing connections and can offer you good price for themcatering equipment

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One thought on “Guangzhou Nantian hotel supplies wholesale market

  • Adnan Choudery

    I have a hotel in Pakistan. I am currently in China at the moment. Looking for hotel supplies (cookware, ceramics, buffet dishes in stainless steel) etc.

    Please email me your details so I can visit maybe?