Freelancer Interpreter Goal


I went to canton fair just in order to see whats going on and i end up by doing nothing but wasted my time. I do not give out any name cards or make any friends. It made me realize no matter what you do,you should set up your goal,plan well and go for it. If no goal,you will end up by wasting time doing nothing.Another point which I realized is no matter up or down,it is in our hands.We can spend whole day sleeping or watching tv so the day passed easily.Or we could make a plan based on our goal and make progress every day by doing efforts to reach goal.So simply speaking,life can be good or bad but it depends on how we want them to be and how we manage them.
As a freelancer interpreter in China,I need to manage my time very well because i am working by myself.If I do not have right attitude towards life and work,I could go down easily

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