First Experience In Guiding A Group Of People


Even though I had gained many richful experience working as business assitant,interpreter and tour guide but it was my first experience in guiding a group of people.

Few days ago,one of my customer from Crotia sent me message on whatsapp and telling me that she had a friend who will be coming to Guangzhou for attending a festival and she already recommended me to her friend because she knows I am reliable person to work with.So later on I did receive message from her friend to tell that she would come soon and need my assistance.Unexpected she was coming with another 9persons this time.At beginning I hesitated a bit and wanted to refuse her because I did not have experience guiding so many people in one time and it was quite challenging for me as well.But considering she would be helpless and hard to find other guides in such short time,so I agreed to help her in the end.

I went to hotel to meet her when she arrived from airport and we took quite long time to help so many people check in.I realize it is not easy but still ok

The 2nd day we all went to attend the festival but due to some people slow,some fast,so from all whole journey we have to wait always.Sometimes the bus driver get nuts and keep calling me,I told him that I will push them but in end it is same result. Sometimes they are talking with each other,or smoking or drinking coffee,it is always embrassing to interrupt them. So I always have to be patient and wait them.

I thought the festival is well organized but unexpected everything is messy.The 1st day we went to attend the festival,the boss gave us tickets for all of us,I thought the tickets should be seats together but when we went there,some seats are on left,some seats are on right.Some seats are taken by people.So I had hard time to help them adjust the seats since inside is very crowded and messy.They want to seat all together,so I did my best to help them organize those seats and talk to different people and beg them to help me exchange seats since the seat is taken.Anyway I finally organized everything but was quite tired too

Later on every day had many things happen.Different people have different plan but I had to help them all.Some of them need to go market for shopping I need to accompany them.Some of them need to find place for foot massage I need to help,Some need me to accompany them to visit some companies and I had to help as well. Sometimes if we went to same place,I will need to organize at least 3 different taxi and tell the taxi driver to bring us to the same location. In order to keep everything right I even told the rest taxi to follow 1st taxi but still sometimes it would turn out to be messy that one taxi is lost and the driver took them to a nearby place.So I need again to find them and gather them together.Anyway everyday many stories happen and I came back very late too.Since I did all my best to help them,so they all become my friends and treat me like friend.There is one time we came back from Shenzhen trip and arrived Guangzhou east station.There was a guy who owned a big van coming to ask where we go and then he told the price.They agreed considering all people are tired and there were so many people of us.Later on we all went to the car,after oganizing them all inside I told them that I will walk to metro station and take metro back home but they insisted that I should take the car with them and they drop me to any place so I can take taxi. They gave me money for taxi when I got off the car. That time I was bit moved and also realized people are all the same,as long as you are good to them,they will be good to you.So pls always do good things to people.

We had a long trip together(one week time) and I helped for everything no matter order drink or shopping,or guiding them to tourist places etc.From small to big,they all remember.

Later on when they get back they all add me on facebook and sent me message for greetings.It was nice to hear from them again that they still remember and miss me!

Anyway life is all about experience and challenge!It was my first experience guiding a group of people but I did it,it was good experience for me too!


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