Fashion Market Guiding Experience


Many customers come to China to do fashion business but fashion covers many products like shoes,handbag,clothing,belts,watch,jewelry etc.Today I met a customer from US and they are mainly keen on sourcing handbags.Their purpose of this visit is want to see more new styles coming out in market.As a professional and experienced interpreter/assistant,I am very familiar with all wholesale markets and products,especially fashion industry so I guide them to our famous leather market called Baiyun Leather market,and here I would like to share some fashion market guiding experience.

We arrived in morning and walked from one floor to another.It is pretty huge market and we took whole day to cover but only walk through one and two floor,even some shops we donot have chance to pass by.
In this market,it is mainly for high quality brand handbags but also you will find some shoes clothing and jewelry,purse decoration shops while walking.So actually it is a combination of everything which is good for sourcing.The market starts at 9am in morning and close by 6pm normally but because business good,many shops busy with packing and shipping etc.That is the most busiest time in a day.
In whole market you will find no shops are displaying bags with logo as they are not allowed.But you will see all models they displayed are high copy brand bags.If you ordered,they will bring you high copy bags with logo but normally if you order in morning or afternoon time,you could only get the goods around 6pm-7pm or next day if they donot have stock.Very few shops can supply the goods within one hour time. So If you order anything rom shops,you have to know about this and plan the time well. The average price in market are ranging from 400rmb to 1000rmb above.Some even 2000rmb above.Today we saw one pair shoes which costs 5000rmb.I was very surprised to know.Something we do have to admit is that our country China is world factory and we have everything produced here.Meanwhile China costs are getting higher so price not cheap now,not only because of the shop renting fee but also labor cost is rising up.

However,many overseas buyers used to think our Chinese quality is cheap but now they have to change their opinion because we China can also make the best quality products in the world,That is one of the reason that why our price are more expensive now since we are focusing on making good quality products nowadays and try to create our Chinese own brand.

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