Working Experiences In Dental South China Fair As Booth Interpreter


On March 2nd to 5th,Guangzhou is having Dental South China Fair and I was working for one Swiss company as booth interpreter and business assistant.And I would like to share my working experiences about it.

It was the first time for me to know this industry but because I had lots of working experiences and good working attitude,plus I am very professional in whatever I did.So I learned the products very fast as usual by asking questions if I donot know.

Besides,I realize the best and fastest way to get to know one products is listen to what customers/buyers say.The questions they ask is their concern.Meantime it is something we need to know as a good sales person.

Well they do not hire me to be a salesman but I know I can play different roles if needed.The amazing things are I could do and act very well like a professional person.

This Swiss company is producing 3D scanner  which can be used in many different industries including dental,jewelry etc

This product scanning accuracy can reach 5ml which is the best in this industry and scanning will take about 30seconds which is very fast.Besides,the design software is open which means can use Exocot or 3 Shape and  there is no yearly charge for the software but if upgrade the software,it costs around 500euro for the scanning software and 800euro for the designing software.Total including the scanner and software,it costs around 100,000rmb to 200,000rmb if you choose different models.

They have office in Shanghai and dealer in Wuxi city. The manager in Shanghai is from France but he can speak fluent Chinese,maybe because he married to a Chinese wife.

So I play the role as interpreter when needed for meeting and also sometimes act as professional sales person in their company to introduce products and explain everything to customers,let them know our products advantages.So as a result,I helped them get lots of potential customers and the fair experiences are very successful.Most importantly,they are very happy with my services and English communication level.

I think no matter what you do,do the best of what you can do.Being responsible and sincere is very inportant for any work.

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