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Sometimes people contact me for interpreter service,meanwhile they would also ask about if I could provide escort service as they are looking for escort service who can accompany them in the night and my answer is always the same: NO. My reason is I am professional interpreter and tranditional Chinese.No matter how much higher you would pay,I cannot provide that service and that become my business principle.Even though because of this,I lost many chances for work but still I persist in my principle because I know it is correct thing to keep with

However,I still meet customers request for escort service when we start working together(they do not tell in advance).So it did give me lots of headache when I realized that but still I am honest person by telling them I can not provide but will help them if I can. The question I often met is”Do you have any friends who can do that”. Well the answer is still no because what type of person you are,what type of friends you will make. So basically all my friends will be same traditional people and we respect life.

So in many cases I was not able to recommend any friend to customer for this escort service.But I do remember there is one time that I tell customers he can look for that on internet as I know some website have this type of information. So I told him to check the site Chinadaily and he did listen.So he came across to a beautiful girl and asked me to help him call. It was a voice from a young girl but she felt very strange why a girl called her.So I explained that I had a foreign friend who need the service and because of communication problem,so I helped him call instead.

Later when I asked how much you ask for if for one night? She said 1500RMB. And I asked if she spoke English and she said yes.So I gave phone to my customer. The amazing part is the girl did speak English and communicate with him very well. I heard he said if 2 hours,how much? And continuously he said”so you charged 800RMB?’ In the end they made appointment by 11:30pm in the hotel lobby and he passed the phone to me to explain the hotel name and address etc. So the deal was done. Later I sent him back to hotel for preparation(shower etc) and I left for home.

The 2nd day morning I contacted him and asked how was everything going last night? And he said nothing happened because they sent a 40 years old mama to service him and he was not happy and sent her back(it was agreed on the phone with that young girl if not happy,he could reject to take).So he told me that I knew it would be like this.They put nice photos on the internet but they will arrange someone ugly to come.Wholly speaking,it will not be the same person in the end.

I felt very surprise it will happen in this way but meantime I felt very upset as this. Even though they thought they were smart to do this type of business but from another aspect,this is not good to customers. It is same example as online shopping. People can display very good photos online but when customer buy,they will get different stuff or bad quality stuff. This is a way for business but not long term.

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