Consistancy For Business And Life


I always get up early in the morning and take some running around nearby river. It would always be the best moments I had in the day.Also I learned it is important to have consistancy for business and life.

Bird singing, a calm and beautiful river with some sleeping ship standing on there, along the bridge,you would see a smiling and growing sunshine covering all the river. How beautiful picture it is! It would make us realize life is wonderful!

However,while I was enjoying this beautiful scene,it also made me think about consistency

I took running every morning when the weather is good but i would do dancing at home if weather went bad which was quite good for my health.If I insist doing this every day,I believe my body will be stronger and better.

It is same as my work. I am engaged in doing professional interpreter,sourcing and tour guide in China.I insist in doing this and I am nice to my customers and help them the best whenever the case.Gradually all my customers will come back to me again every time and I will be their reliable partner in China. So by consistency,my business will be growing further and better.

General speaking,please remember you will reach there(dream,goal etc) if you are willing to by consistency for business and life

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