How To Go To Visit Canton Fair?


As we all know Canton fair is big show in China.It attracts people from all over the world to visit Guangzhou and find suppliers. I would like to share some useful information about the canton fair.If you need any canton fair assistant or interpreter,pls contact us! hopefully it will be useful for those people who need the answers.

There are 3 ways to go to canton fair:

1, If you stay in hotel,you can ask your hotel service people if they provide canton fair bus service. Normally each hotel will have shuttle bus going to canton fair,except those very small hotels

2, You can take taxi which is more easy way but during the canton fair period,it wont be easy too. So need to be patient waiting for taxi

3, You can take metro to arrive Pazhou Station or Xing Gang Dong Road station. Both of them are for the fair. If you stop at Pazhou Station,it is for A and B Zone. If you stop at Xing Gang Dong road,it is for C zone. So it depends on which zone you wantta go because each zone has displayed different products.


Do you need ticket to go inside the fair?

The answer is YES. And if you are coming to Canton fair for first time,you need to register on front or get the registeration done in hotel(if they have this service). And the charge is 100rmb and the ticket can be used all the time which is quite worthy. So better keep them and never lose it


Since it is not easy to take taxi,specially in canton fair exbitition place,so better go for metro if you know how to take. Otherwise taxi will charge you very high price even it is near because it is time for them to make some money, same case as for hotel.

Anyway if you need any help during the canton fair,please feel free to contact us and we could accompany you as interpreter,business assistant and sourcing agent!

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