The Biggest Fabric Market In Guangzhou Zhongda Fabric Market 3


If any people ask what is the biggest fabric wholesale market? The answer definitely is Guangzhou Zhongda market. And it is the best place for sourcing fabric.If need any assistance for sourcing fabric,please contact us!

There are many business man coming to Guangzhou for fabric and accessories.

Here you can find all kinds of fabric and accessories which used for garment,shoes,jewelry

There is one big accessory market which call “Changjiang Accessory Market”

Another big and famous market called” Guangzhou Qingfang Cheng”

These two markets are biggest accessory wholesale markets which attract people from all over the world.

Even though it is international market but most shops can not speak and communicate with English. So many businessman are smart enough to bring an interpreter with them for easy communication and negociation with shops.

The business in shops are always very busy,so you wont see any sales people standing at the extrance waiting for customers like”Baima Garment market”

All the shops prefer to deal with Chinese people directly because of easy communication and easy transaction. The buyer will pay 30% deposit for the order and after goods finished, will pay 70% balance after checking the goods. The shops will arrange sending to the warehouse or places based on the need but normally it will need to charge local delivery fee unless you place big order

If you are coming to China for business trip and need assistant&interpreter to help you with communication and negociation,please feel free to contact me for any help me by email or call me at 0086-13250280121


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